The Catn’ Around Catskill Sculptures Project

Catn’ Around Catskill Art Project

It started out small, with just two cats. But over the past 12 years, Cat’n Around Catskill has turned into grown into a community event and tourist attraction. Originally, the cat sculptures were designed to bring attention to local businesses and to raise money for charities. But they’ve done a lot more than that. It’s brings artists together and gives them an interesting platform to be creative and to have their creations either stay local or travel around the world. One statue went to Purdue University in Indiana, another, named BatCat went to a home in Long Island, while another traveled all the way to a collector in Holland! Each year, the statutes are installed around Memorial Day and auctioned off sometime mid-September.

Catskill is now celebrating its 14th year of Cat’n Around Catskill! Once again Catskill’s Historic Main Street will be lined with exciting artist renditions of feline sculptures. And it’s all thanks to the commitment and support of all our generous sponsors. These fabulous works of art will be on display from Memorial Day to mid-September.

I’m honored to have been a commissioned artist since this project’s inception and have created nearly 40 cats for this charitable event over the years. To see more about the project, click here.