Fractal Art and Fluids

Fractal Art and Fluids

Fractals are a type of mathematical shape that are infinitely complex. They are created by repeating a simple mathematical process over and over in an ongoing loop. Driven by recursion, fractal art and designs are images of dynamic systems which are known to exist in familiar surroundings. Nature is full of fractals, as in trees, plants, weather, landscapes, sea life and so on. 

I create fractal art and designs, and then print them on canvas. I then paint God’s creatures over them – choosing a subject which will fit into its new fractal home.

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Fractals of the Natural World

This collection combines the world of the unordinary with the world of the ordinary. Like the uniqueness of each snowflake, fractals explore the beauty of recurrent art driven by a mathematical equation which loops in on itself, over and over. Each fractal image, whether static or moving, is uniquely generated to draw the viewer into the complexity of its repetitive, beautiful nature. 

The paintings I add to each of the fractals I create speak to my love of nature and the beauty of its rawness. I leave it up to the viewer to decide which is the ordinary and which is the unordinary.